Hair Extensions FAQs

Great Lengths Hair Extensions Frequently Asked Questions

greatlengthsIn our 21-year history of providing a hair extension service, we have found that easily the best quality hair available anywhere is Great Lengths Hair extensions.

Our quality hair extensions come from the leading manufacturer, Great Lengths, who cater to the biggest celebrities, but we will ensure you leave feeling like such royalty – but without the Hollywood price tag.

FAQs about Hair Extensions

Who are hair extensions for?

Potentially, just about everyone could be a candidate for extending hair, as you can go for longer hair or simply add a few extensions to your existing length perhaps to thicken your own hair or add colour flashes.

How long does my hair need to be?

If you are going for length, shoulder length hair is probably the desired length or longer. However, you can change your look if your hair is shorter than that by subtlety adding extensions throughout your hair strategically – you’ll be amazed!!

Will hair extensions damage my own hair?

No, they will not. All our work is guaranteed to be safe, and we have done many hundreds of hair extensions on clients with no adverse effects to date. Great Lengths are fitted with keratin bonds (a naturally occurring feature in all hair), and applied in such a way as to make them blend perfectly with your own style.

PicMonkey CollageHow long will Great Lengths extensions last?

We have found that our extensions last for minimum 4 months, so we guarantee them for that long. Though, often our customers’ have 4-6 months on average.

All our clients receive a copy sheet of the salon’s notes that acts as a backup guarantee of service.

Ok… how much do hair extensions cost?

This varies in the general thickness of your hair e.g. it is possible to gain length at a low cost if your hair is fine or if you only require 25 extensions or less for volume alone.

Anything from £135.00 upwards – depending on the client’s hair density, but all consultations are FREE – so pop in to discuss your hair extensions questions!