Hair Extensions vs Weaves, Paisley

Hair Extensions vs Weaves

When a client comes into Iain Stewart Hairdressing, Paisley who wishes to go from short hair to long, or to add more volume of hair, there are a couple of options that we can do for them.

The first option is putting in pre-bonded hair extensions, and the second is a weave. Both are excellent options, so your choice will simply vary according to your budget and preference.

Today we will discuss the difference between the two hair lengthening options – hair extensions vs weaves

Millionaire Hair Weaves, Paisley

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Here at Iain Stewart Hair we’ve been doing hair extensions for over twenty years now. Over the last eleven years, we have specialised in Great Lengths hair extensions. They are world leaders in providing 100% natural, human hair for extensions – with varying lengths, colours and applications.

Hair extensions come in packs of 25 bonds and get interspersed with your own hair – separately in rows. They will be staggered through which benefits you by inter-mingling with your own hair. This will be especially helpful when it comes to blow drying and styling.

Millionaire Hair Weaves

Millionaire Hair Extensions, Paisley -

If cost is an issue, but you still want to lengthen your hair, a Millionaire  weave is your best option – at roughly half the price of Great Lengths.

A hair weave, by definition, is a long strip of wefted hair will be attached to the micro-loops that will have been primed into the scalp.

One of the great things about wefts and the extensions is that as long as they have been made from human hair, you can cut, straighten, dye, curl, or anything you’d do to your normal hair.

More FAQ About Hair Extensions

  • Where does the hair for hair extensions come from?

100% Indian Remy human hair and are sourced ethically.

  • How often do I wash my hair after extensions or weaves?

You will wash your hair the same or even less than you currently do now.

  • What should of shampoo should I wash my hair with after my lengthening?

Ideally you would use a shampoo/conditioner recommended by hair professional.

  • How long will hair extensions vs weaves last?

Hair extensions will last for a minimum of four months.

Hair weaves will need to be tightened every eight to ten weeks but will last three to four months.

  • Does it effect my natural hair when I add weaves or extensions in?

No, absolutely not. Neither hair extensions or weaves will damage the surrounding hair.

  • How long does it take to put them in?

Great Lengths hair extensions can take two to three hours to apply, but weaves will only take one to two hours.

How do you get them out?

You need to book a salon appointment to get your extensions or wefts safely removed.

Would you like a discount?

Are you ready to book an appointment for hair extensions or a weave? Quote ISBlog to receive £20.00 off your hair weaves.

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