It’s Autumn: Time to Change Your Hair Colour

Time to Change Your Hair Colour?

As the leaves start to change colour, it’s a perfect time to consider changing your hair colour to something warmer, redder or richer too. One of the top celebrity trends for this Autumn is to mix shades of blond and brown to get warmer shades called Bronde. Yes, really.

Blonds and Browns Mixed Hair Colour Autumn 2016

Whether you choose to add some golden tones, a bit of chestnut brown or even red, this is one of the top trends we’re seeing here at Iain Stewart Hairdressing this Autumn.

Another option that would be on trend is Terracotta which is gorgeous and multidimensional mixing burnt brown with reddish-orange and a pink undertone blended in.

Temporary Hair Colour - Autumn Orange

Permanent or Temporary Hair Colour

Maybe changing your hair colour on a permanent basis is too much for you to consider right now, but you could always opt for a temporary shade like our model Maigan (above). Doesn’t she look beautiful in that bold Orange hair colour?

Full Bold Hair Colour from

The multi-coloured, rainbow hair style is super on trend this year, but the downside is that it may take a bit longer in the salon chair – and in some cases, may require a few visits in to see us.

We use Goldwell Elumen hair colouring products – they make oxiidant-free high performance hair dye.

• Intense and brilliant colour results
• Exceptional shine
• Remarkable and incredible durability
• Amazing, healthy looking hair

IS Hair Summary

As the weather gets colder, our hair shades should go warmer and maybe even bolder. Why not pop in to discuss your new look today? Together we will find the right look and shade just for you.

Update your look with a new hair colour by calling us on 0141-848-7165 or why not book online here?

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